QAS 501 Six Sigma Green & Black Belt Combination Certificate Program

Prerequisites for this Course:

At least one year working in Quality Improvements or with Six Sigma projects and Algebra I or equivalent.

California National University (CNU) Six Sigma Green and Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate program allows professionals to pursue an educational focus in Six Sigma techniques. Earn both certificates in 15 weeks. The program is open to engineering, technical and business professionals conveniently over the Internet. Classes start every Friday!

Six Sigma is a strategic approach to implementing quality, process, and business improvement through the use of statistical and other analytic tools applied to problems that have meaningful impact on key business results.

Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded a Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate, Six Sigma Black Belt, possessing all of the requirements for Certificate as a Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt. The student will also receive one official transcript.

How to apply?

To apply for the Six Sigma Combined Green and Black Belt Certificate follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure to select “Six Sigma Combined Certificate” on the CNU website at download the application.
  • Download, print and complete the application.
  • Fax the completed application to 818-830-2418 Attention Admissions.
Download Six-Sigma Black Belt Registration Form

Tuition and Fees (Credit)

All students pay the same tuition and fees for this 3 unit course.

College Credit: 3 Units
Application Fee: $75.00
Course Tuition: $2900.00
(Includes both certificates for the Six Sigma Green Belt and the Six Sigma Black Belt, and Transcript. Textbooks not included)

Course Description:

This course provides a review of the basic statistical methods, focusing on quality and continuous improvement and six sigma methods in all aspects of business operation including Critical to Quality (CTQ), and DMAIC Methodology. Case studies and review questions will be used to illustrate major concepts. This course follows the body of knowledge suggested by the American Society for Quality to be reviewed and studied as a preparation for the Certificate as a Six Sigma practitioner.

The Goals of This Course:

  • Assure the understanding of the Six Sigma concepts.
  • Facilitate the implementation of Six Sigma methods to business problems.
  • Sell the Sigma concepts to management to make process improvements the first priority of their business.
  • Understand the concepts discussed in the body of knowledge, which is required in the pursuit of the Green or Black Belt Certificate.

What You Will Learn To Do:

  • Recognize the importance of Six Sigma tools on the global competition
  • Identify the customers’ needs and communicate with them.
  • Enhance leadership and understand the support of senior management in the deployment of Six Sigma.
  • Work in teams to execute processes efficiently and effectively
  • Understand the role of communication in Six Sigma
  • Definitions of the tools of quality and the Six Sigma methods
  • Use problem solving as an aid in decision making
  • Understand Quality Function Deployment as a tool of six sigma
  • Optimize processes using Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Designed of Experiments (DOE)
  • Identify improvement needs and constraints