Certificate Program in Human Resources Management


The Practitioner Track is intended for candidates who do not currently hold a Bachelor's degree. Credits taken toward the Certificate Program may be credited toward a Bachelor's degree at a later time.*

Required Courses: 12 units

HRM 305 Key Factors of Human Resources Management none
HRM 315 Employment Practices & the Law HRM 305
HRM 317 Creating Training & Development Programs HRM 305 & HRM 315
HRM 391 Compensation and Benefits HRM 305

Elective Courses: Select any two courses: 6 units

HRM 318 Human Resources Appraisal & Reward Strategies HRM 305 and HRM 315
HRM 320 Labor & Management Relations HRM 305 and HRM 315
HRM 392 Global Human Resources Management HRM 305, HRM 315, and HRM 391
HRM 393 Organization Development and Change Management none
HRM 394 Human Resources Information Systems HRM 305 and HRM 315
HRM 395 Strategic Human Resources Planning none

NOTES: *CNU may limit the period of credit applicability to seven years, or some other fixed time period.