Degree Programs

College of Engineering

The CNU College of Engineering offers online Bachelor and Master of Science in Engineering degrees with electives in computer, electrical, environmental, mechanical engineering, and online Bachelor degrees in computer science and quality assurance science. At the undergraduate level, basic sciences and general engineering are highlighted to help a student evolve into a well-rounded engineer with strengths in the area of his/her choice. At the graduate level, students and faculty work closely together to choose a discipline that complements the individual's work environment.

For example, a computer engineering student could specialize in microprocessors or switching theory; an electrical engineering student could specialize in electronics power distribution, control systems or communications; an environmental engineering student could specialize in hazardous waste management, transport phenomena, or air pollution control; a mechanical engineering student could specialize in thermodynamics or mechanical design; a computer science student could specialize in advanced computer architecture or programming languages; and a quality assurance student could specialize in quality management or software reliability.

College of Quality and Engineering Management

The degree programs offered by the College of Quality and Engineering Management are designed to prepare students for rewarding careers in Quality Assurance Science and Engineering Management. Graduates are expected to possess sufficient knowledge to achieve professional certification (eg. registration with ASQ or PMI) if they choose to do so. Expected outcomes for each degree program are given below. These outcomes are based on guidelines established by the appropriate professional organizations such as the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and Project Management Institute (PMI).

College of Business Administration

* The Business Administration major is fully described in the Curricula and Course Description Section.

The CNU College of Business offers online Bachelor's and Master's degree programs that seek to develop the critical, analytical, and communication skills of the complete business executive of tomorrow by taking advantage of the most advanced theories, applications, and educational tools of today.

Designed to meet the special needs of managers and other personnel for enhanced business acumen, the Business Administration* degree program and corresponding electives are presented through a wide range of cutting-edge delivery systems. Students interact with some of the nation's leading experts, using guided instruction and directed work experience.

A student can emphasize individual in-depth interests or a more comprehensive view of the field. Either track provides valuable on-site experience and personal growth.

The faculty visualize the CNU graduate as an individual equipped with the broadest range of capabilities to maximize U.S. competitiveness, effectively meeting the challenges of a changing international, economic, legal, social, political, and technological environment.

Elective areas do not appear on the diploma.