Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree Degree Program

CNU’s Business Administration degree programs are modeled closely after the accreditation standards of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). CNU bachelor’s and master’s graduates in Business Administration are individuals equipped with the broadest range of capabilities to maximize U.S. competitiveness, effectively meeting the challenges of a changing international, economic, legal, political and technological environment.

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Master of Business Administration Program Objectives:

The MBA degree prepares students with a general managerial perspective. The MBA program objective is to provide an in-depth study in: ethical and global issues, the influence of political, social, legal, regulatory, environmental and technological issues, and the impact of demographic diversity on organizations.

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MBA Program Learning Outcomes:

  1. An ability to design and implement management and marketing principles including recent, emerging, and anticipated developments in strategic and operational business planning in the context of market competition, social, legal, financial, technological and ecological environments.
  2. An ability to analyze, design, and implement accounting and financial procedures including recent and emerging developments used in businesses in the context of market competition, government policies and regulations, impact of inflation, interest rates, international trade, security and financial institutions.
  3. An ability to identify and analyze managerial and organizational informational needs, and to apply informational technologies and statistical techniques and procedures, including recent and emerging developments in business decision-making.
  4. An in-depth understanding and appreciation of behavioral and human resource management issues, including recent and emerging developments found in organizations including motivation, cultural diversity, personality, recruiting, selection, training, developing employees, wage administration, and union relations.
  5. An in-depth understanding and appreciation of the multi-faceted legal, political, governmental, financial and cultural issues related to international business environments, including recent and emerging developments and strategies to address them.
  6. An ability to analyze, design and implement procedures and systems connected with Business Administration with a focus on accounting, finance, human resources management, management, management information systems, international business, or marketing.
  7. An understanding of the breadth of knowledge required for successful business management, and the ability to integrate knowledge from diverse disciplines, and conduct interdisciplinary research and experimentation.
  8. An ability to communicate effectively.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program requires possession of a Bachelor's degree.  For students with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Adminstration, the program requires completion of 36 units of coursework: 18 units of Second Year Core courses, 12 units of Elective courses and 6 units of a Master's Thesis or Comprehensive Exam.

For students holding a bachelor's degree in another discipline, the program requires 45 units of coursework: 9 units of First Year Core courses, 18 units of Second Year Core courses, 12 units of Elective courses and 6 units of a Master's Thesis or Comprehensive Exam.

No more than 9 units can be taken at the 400 level.


Candidates are expected to have acquired basic math skills and working knowledge of computers. Students who have not had a course in basic math skills or computer concepts involving database management and spreadsheet software must either a) demonstrate to faculty that they have the requisite proficiency in these areas or b) take the necessary courses. Students must own or have access to a computer.
Those without a Business Administration academic background will be required to complete pre-requisite courses.

Candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree with a 3.0 cumulative GPA to be eligible for the graduate program, or in special circumstances, may be accepted with approval from the Faculty Advisor and Academic Dean. Students are expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA in order to complete the program. In addition, each degree program requires completion of the graduate core plus either a) graduate research class and thesis, or b) graduate research class and successful passage of a comprehensive exam.

Credit is assigned in graduate guided instruction and labs for completion of course requirements that include both developmental and evaluative components based upon faculty contact throughout instruction. Students must satisfy prerequisite requirements for any courses selected.

The MBA is a breadth degree. Labwork is assigned on an individual basis and is determined by faculty assessment.

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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) requires successful completion of 36 units of coursework for those entering with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Students entering the program with a Bachelor's degree from another discipline will be required to take the First Year MBA Core courses and complete a total of 45 units of coursework.


First Year Graduate Core:
(Waived with an undergraduate business degree)
9 units
Second Year:
(Required for all MBA students)
18 units
MBA Electives 12 units
Master’s Thesis or Comprehensive exam
6 units
TOTAL 45 units

Elective Areas: