Health Care Management

HCM 320. Analysis & Evaluation of Health Care Services — (3 Units)
Prerequisite: MSCI 285 Introduction to Business Statistics.
Techniques of analysis and evaluation applied to health services with respect to organizing, staffing, financing, and utilization. Emphasis on the analytic process, program evaluation, and report of findings.

HCM 500. Management of Complex Health Care Organizations — (3 Units)
Prerequisite: Graduate Standing.
The analysis of operational activities and managerial functions essential to the health care delivery system will be examined and discussed. Special emphasis will be placed on the manager's role in developing and maintaining an effective system for providing health care services. The organizational aspects and managerial approaches of delivering health care services within various institutional arrangements will be discussed. The approach to magagement is the functional emphasis.

Other Health Care Management Courses To Be Considered:

Review courses from Management, Management Science and Human Resources Areas of Study.