Master's Project

Required 6 Units

MSE 599A. Master’s Project (Research and Development) — (3 units)
The purpose of this course is to teach the student how to apply research methods in their Master’s Thesis. This includes selecting a research problem, developing a thesis proposal, as well as instruction on the completion of a thesis after the topic has been approved by the thesis advisor and the thesis committee. Various kinds and types of research will be studied. Systems for gathering and reporting data as well as statistical processing of data will be covered

Students will develop a Final Project, consisting of a preliminary proposal for Thesis Committee Approval and development of the first three chapters of the thesis.

MSE 599B. Master’s Project (Final Report) — (3 units)
Continuation of the project defined in MSE 599A. Monthly progress reports submitted to the faculty advisor will be required to ensure a timely completion of the research. The student will prepare a formal final report describing the results which will be submitted to the faculty advisor and the graduate committee for approval.