Master of Business Administration (MBA)

First Year Graduate Pre-Requisite Core (9 Units)

Waived with an Undergraduate Business Degree

MGT 501 Graduate  Management Theory & Practice 3 units
MKT 501 Graduate  Marketing 3 units
MSCI 585 Graduate  Business Statistics 3 units

Second Year Graduate Core (18 Units)

Required of All MBA Students

ACCT 501 Graduate Principles and Procedures of Financial Accounting 3 units
ECON 501 Graduate  Economic Analysis 3 units
FIN 501 Graduate  Financial Theory & Policy 3 units
MGT 520 Graduate  Production & Management System Analysis & Development 3 units
MGT 592 Graduate  Strategic Planning & Management 3 units
MIS 502 Graduate Computers & Management Information Systems 3 units

Electives (Select 12 units)

A minimum of 12 units of electives must be selected from among the graduate courses offered by the College of Business Administration. Although not required a student may select 12 units of electives in any one area. No more than 9 units can be taken at the 400 level.

Master's Thesis or Comprehensive Exam (6 units)

MBAT 599A Directed Graduate Research 3 units
MBAT 599B Master's Thesis or 3 units
MBAC 599A Directed Comprehensive Studies 3 units
MBAC 599B Graduate Comprehensive Examination 3 units