Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Course Listings

General Education (30 Units)

Advisement for General Education Courses is offered on an individual basis.

Lower Division Core (15 Units)

The course descriptions for the following lower-division and upper-division requirements are listed according to individual disciplines.

ACCT 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting 3 Units
BLAW 201 Business Law I 3 Units
MATH 175 Mathematics for Business Applications 3 Units
MIS 202 Principles of Management Information Systems 3 Units
MSCI 285 Introduction to Business Statistics 3 Units

Upper Division Core (36 Units)

ACCT 302 Introduction to Managerial Accounting 3 Units
BCOM 301 Introduction to Business Communications 3 Units
BLAW 301 Business Law II 3 Units
ECON 301 Principles of Business Economics (Micro) 3 Units
ECON 311 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 Units
FIN 301 Principles of Finance 3 Units
HRM 303 Fundamentals of Human Behavior in Organizations 3 Units
IBUS 301 The International Business Environment 3 Units
MGT 301 Management Theory & Practice 3 Units
MIS 301 Business Data Communications 3 Units
MSCI 301 Introduction to Management Science 3 Units
MKT 301 Introduction to Marketing 3 Units

ELECTIVES (Select a minimum of 36 Units)

The number of Units selected from each discipline is determined by the elective program option selected by student. One practicum must be selected as an elective.

Required Capstone (3 Units)

MGT 492 Strategic Planning & Management 3 Units