A Personal Message from the Chairman of the Board

For some time now we have been confronted with the dilemma of two Americas; the educated and the un-educated; and the reality that those with the higher level of skills receive the greater economic awards.

The more I realized how this predicament can permeate all of our lives, the more I became determined to channel the necessary resources toward the creation of an innovative educational program which addressed the academic needs of an adult student and recognized their earlier accomplishments inside and outside the classroom.

Obviously, education in the traditional setting is not always going to be a viable solution for adults dealing with the demands of work, frequent travel, and family. On the other hand, we at California National University are completely committed to academic excellence and the educational welfare of our students. As you learn about CNU’s distance education, you will quickly see how the administration and academic staff successfully meet this challenge.

I take enormous pride in our high academic standards, eminent faculty, and the fact we can present, through our university, an equal opportunity to all seeking continued education:

  • those who are experiencing transitions in their careers,
  • those who, for whatever reason, did not matriculate or graduate,
  • those who need to adapt academic studies to work responsibilities,
  • those who travel frequently thereby disrupting mandatory classroom attendance, and
  • those who are physically challenged or who face health restrictions.

Finally, as a working professional myself, I have personally experienced many of the frustrations seeking opportunities to pursue my education. Those of us in business and industry know only too well the importance of continued learning. Paul Allaire, Chairman, CEO, Xerox Corporation makes a statement very representative of the times:

America must have world-class education and training
programs if we are to compete successfully in the 21st century.

We at California National University look forward to working with you to accomplish these necessary goals to ensure your prosperous future.


Janice Bryant Howroyd
Business Owner, Industry Leader
Community Activist