Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I do not know my user name and password…
  1. If you already received your start notice from CNU, check that email.
  2. If you never received your start notice, please wait until early in the week of your start date. Then you will receive the email. If you wish your access sooner, then contact us (800-782-2422) CNU Help.
  3. If you do not have that email, check to see if you saved the information.
  4. If you can not find it, contact us. (800-782-2422) CNU Help.
I am having problems using Blackboard…
  1. See if your question matches any other question in this document.
  2. If not, contact us.(800-782-2422 CNU Help).
I am unable to log-in to Blackboard…
  1. If you are getting the login screen, and it is a user name/password problem, see the answer for the first question.
  2. If you get an error message before you see the login screen—it is most likely that our server is down. Contact us (800-782-2422) CNU Help.
There is no way to submit my homework/trying to post my homework…
  1. Find the assignment link. It will have a link at the bottom that starts with View/Complete Assignment.
    You will see this icon by the item: Assignment Icon
  2. Since some assignments take more than one week, look in the Weekly Classroom where the assignment is due.
  3. Once you have found the link, click on it, and attach your file.
I am having trouble attaching a document…
  1. Find the assignment link, and click on it.
  2. The page is divided into three sections: Assignment Information, Assignment Materials, and Submit.
  3. In the Assignment Materials, there is a Comments area where you can type in short comments.
  4. Under the Comments area you will see a place to attach file(s).
    Attachment Link
  5. Use the Browse button to find the file (Important: the file must be saved). If you only need to attach one file, click on the Submit button.
  6. For multiple files, Use the Add Another File button.
  7. Then browse and find another file. Keep doing these until you have attached all your assignment files. Click on the Submit button.
I am trying to send an email to my instructor…
  1. To send an email to your professor, you will need his/her email address. If the professor is willing to accept email communication, the email address will be posted somewhere in the course web site.
  2. If the matter is urgent, Contact us (800-782-2422) CNU Help.
How do I know when my studies are due…

Using the Course Calendar

  1. Open the Weekly Assignment area.
  2. Open the Course Calendar folder.
  3. Read the Weekly Schedule for due dates. Most assignments are due by the week in which they are assigned.

Using the weekly classroom folders

  1. Look at the Weekly Schedule to see the week in which the assignment is posted.
  2. Open that Weekly Classroom folder.
  3. If the due date is later than that week, there will be information about when the assignment will be due.
I don't understand what Discussion Questions are…

The Discussion Board is designed to simulate a question and answer session in a classroom. All Blackboard discussions are available to anyone in the course. You can ask a question by starting a New Thread, and answer by replying to a thread. You will be able to see all the posts, even from students who have finished the course.

The Discussion Board is open to anyone in the class--use your discretion.

Starting a new Thread

  1. Follow the discussion link from your weekly classroom.
  2. If there is no link, use the Interactivity button to open the Discussion Board, then open the forum where you question is located.
  3. Find the Thread button, and click on it.
    Thread Icon

    Generally speaking, any course participant can read your message--use discretion

Replying to a Thread

  1. Open the forum that contains the thread.
  2. Select the thread that you want to place your reply.
  3. When you open the thread, you will see the thread and all its responses.
  4. You will see the content of the original question after the list of threads and replies.
  5. To reply, click on the Reply button on the subject line, and write your reply and submit it.
    Reply to a Thread