Assignments in Blackboard


Submitting an Assignment

Your courses will require the use of the Assignments tool for submitting papers and other assignments that instructors will grade, and the grade is automatically transferred to your My Grades area.

  1. Go to the course area where your instructor has posted a link to the assignment you need to submit.
  2. Click the link below the Assignment title:
    >> View/Complete Assignment:
  3. Read your instructor’s directions carefully.
    Directions may include the due date and the file types (e.g., Word, PDF, RTF) you may use to submit your assignment.
  4. You may enter text in the Comments field. All assignments must be submitted as attachments!
  5. Next to Attach local file, click Browse.
    NOTE: After attaching your file, you will only be able to submit ONE time. You can attach multiple files.
  6. When you are sure you are ready to send the assignment to the instructor, click the Submit button.
    NOTES: The Save button does not send the assignment to the instructor. you can not submit the same assignment twice, so attach all requested files at the same time!
Entering Equations

IMPORTANT: You will need Java installed to create/view equations.
PC Instructions
Mac Instructions

The WebEQ and MathML Equation Editors provide a means of adding scientific and mathematical notation to content items, assignments, tests, quizzes and surveys.

  • WebEQ Equation Editor is a Java-based graphical interface whereby scientific and mathematical symbols are selected via graphical buttons.
  • MathML Equation Editor allows the input of MathML, a markup language designed to represent mathematical/scientific equations, which can be displayed on screen or read by a screen reader.
  • Equations can be created and edited in either editor.
Java for PC’s
  1. Click here to download the correct Java version.
  2. Click to Accept the License Agreement.
  3. Click Window Offline Installation, Multi–language.
  4. Click Run to download (This will take some time)
  5. Click Run to install. (This will take some time)
  6. Follow the prompts to install the Typical Java installation. (This will take some time)
  7. Restart your computer to complete the installation process.
Java for Macs
Download Java
Tutorials for Equation Editors


View & Grade Assignments

NOTE: This is the same process used for viewing a grade, adding the initial grade or changing a grade.

  1. Go to the Control Panel.
  2. Under Assessments, click Gradebook.
  3. In the Gradebook:

Option 1:
This is a seven step process (not all steps are required)

  1. Select the ! or number for the student’s assignment results you want to view.
    Select Item Screenshot
  2. On the Modify Grade screen, select the View button.Modify Grade Screenshot
  • In section 1 (Assignment Information), you have the option to clear attempt. This will remove all student work, and allow the student to submit the assignment again.
  • In section 2 (User's Work), you can download any attachments to be graded
    Grading Step 1 Screenshot
  • In section 3 (Feedback to User) you may write a comment for the student to see, and/or attach a file with comments
    Grading Step 3 Screenshot
  • In section 4 (Instructor Notes) you may write comments that only you, as the instructor, can read.
    Grading Step 4 Screenshot
  • In section 5 (Submit) you can either submit the grade or cancel out
    Grading Step 5 Screenshot
  • Or

    Option 2:

    1. Select the student’s name.
      Access Student Screenshot
    2. On the User Options page, select User Grade List
      Grade List Screenshot
    3. On the User Grade List page, you have two options--add a Override, which replaces the current grade, or use the View button to access the Grade Assignment Page.
    4. After this step, do the last six steps from Option 1.
    Export/download Multiple Assignments with All Attachments
    1. Go to the Control Panel.
    2. Under Assessments, click Gradebook.
    3. In the Gradebook, select the name of the assignment
      Assignment Name Screenshot
    4. Select Item Download
      Item Download Screenshot
    5. On the Download Assignment page, select the students and click Submit.
      Select Students Screenshot
    6. Click the Download assignments Now link, then Save on the download prompt
      Save Screenshot
    7. The student submission files are packaged as a .zip file.
    8. When you open the zip file, you will see each student’s files. The naming convention is Assignment name_username_filename.
    9. Extract or open the files and review them

    Optionally make inline changes/comments within appropriate files (such as Word). Attach your revised file(s) when grading the student’s assignment via the Gradebook.

    Reset Grade/Delete Assignments
    1. Go to the Control Panel.
    2. Under Assessments, click Gradebook.
    3. In the Gradebook:
      1. Select the ! or number for the student's assignment results you want to reset.
        Select Item Screenshot
      2. On the Modify Grade screen, click on the Clear Attempt button
        Clear Screenshot
      3. When asked to remove, click on the OK button