Announcements in Blackboard

Announcement Basics
  • Will show as the first page in all courses
  • The most current announcements are at the top, with the oldest announcements at the bottom
  • Always check the Announcements for new information
  • All Announcements will show, even if View Today is selected
  • Top announcements are from the System Administrators
  • Any instructor added annoumcements will be posted at the bottom
  • Instructors may post their own announcements in other locations
Instructor Announcements

There are two methods to add Instructor Announcements:

In the Announcement Area

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. In the Course Tools section, click on Announcements
  3. Click on the Add Announcements button
    Announcements Screenshot
  4. Type the required subject
  5. Type the announcement text
  6. Click on the Submit button

Create your Own Announcement Area (highly recommended)

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Scroll down the Course Options area
    Course Options Screenshot
  3. Click on the Manage Course Menu link
  4. Near the top of the Manage Course Menu page, you can add different elements. Click on the Content Area link
    Add Area Screenshot
    1. Select Content as the name
    2. Type the name Instructor Announcements
      Area Properties Screenshot
    3. Click on Submit button
  5. after seeing the message that the action was successful, click on the OK button
  6. Instructor Announcements should be second, but it is currently last; scroll down to the bottom of your screen
    Change Order Screenshot
  7. Use the numeric slide by Instructor Announcements and select 2
  8. Instructor Announcements should now be under Announcements

Adding an Announcements

  1. Go back to the Course Page
  2. Click on the Instructor Announcements
  3. Click on the Edit View link
    Edit View Screenshot
  4. Click on the Item link to add an announcement
    Add Item Screenshot
  5. Give your announcement a name
  6. Type in the text of your announcement
  7. Click the Submit button