7 Reasons to Join California National University’s Learning Network

1High Academic Standards Delivered through Distance Learning
California National University for Advanced Studies (CNU) extends the traditional university setting via its unique distance learning program. While the CNU program is flexible and individualized, you are still guaranteed the academic quality found in traditional settings. At CNU, you benefit from the adaptability of our educational program without having to compromise academic standards or resources.

2One-on-One Instruction from Nationally Recognized Faculty
California National University presents educational programs which are not limited to indirect instruction. An integral part of the CNU learning process is the interaction between you and the faculty. Although you never have to attend classes, our innovative method of instruction guarantees you regular contact with an esteemed faculty gathered from across the nation with impressive credentials in Engineering and Business Administration. Every course has been planned so you are guaranteed personalized feedback from each of your instructors about your academic progress. Plus, school administration is always available to provide personal assistance and to facilitate your progress through the course.

3Depth and Breadth of Education
CNU degree programs are individualized to accommodate the most current educational focus as well as your lifestyle needs. You benefit immediately by applying updated theories and practices to your personal or work situation. The CNU curriculum has been designed by a prestigious academic staff and presents a comprehensive offering of classes from the basic to those dealing with leading-edge issues. We promote the achievement of your educational and career goals through our ability to provide national access to higher education.

4A Student-Centered Institution Concerned with Your Educational Welfare
California National University for Advanced Studies values you as a student and is committed to your educational welfare. Our advising process begins from the moment you apply and continues throughout your educational program. You will find our faculty and administrative staff always there for your support. Our resources are being continually expanded to serve you better. CNU students benefit from a model Student Services Program and ever-increasing online capabilities. Through our web page, students can enter the CNU conference rooms to chat and network with professors and each other about school and mutual interests. Your satisfaction and the ability to translate benefits gained from your CNU experience into your life are of primary importance to all of us at California National University.

5Recognition for Prior Learning
California National University for Advanced Studies presents the opportunity to match your desire for continued education with your own background. Our comprehensive program is designed to take into consideration your special needs. We recognize your former accomplishments as contributions to your continued education. CNU administrative staff and faculty carefully evaluate individual applicant’s knowledge gained through learning and experience. California National University encourages your academic success and broadens your self-confidence by building on your prior learning.

6Flexible Learning Anytime, Anywhere!
Rapid advances in communications technology have removed the geographical barriers for continued education. You are encouraged to take advantage of the options CNU offers for increased access and for making your learning schedule flexible to your needs. You choose your own learning environment; eliminating penalties caused by common constraints such as schedules, residency restrictions, family or disabilities.

7Affordable Education for Today's Adult
Life-long education is a necessity and not a luxury. This fact is increasingly more evident as we enter the 21st century with its emerging technology and global economy. CNU addresses these trends by using advances in technology to increase access and to decrease expense; so, you may pursue your educational objectives cost effectively. As an adult in today’s society, you need a learning experience which prepares you to contend with modern challenges. Current demand is for a learning environment in line with our fast-paced, changing world; and, yet able to accommodate a busy life-style.