Application Process

California National University accepts student applications on a continuous basis, so admission can occur any time during the year. Choosing an institution should be based upon a careful assessment of your priorities. We encourage applicants to become informed about all available options, so you feel confident about both the process and the end result when you select California National University.

The pre-advisement process starts with a courtesy contact from an Admissions Advisor. An important aspect of pre-advisement is to assist you in becoming familiar with the concept of distance learning instruction and to recognize the motivation and self-direction it requires. Another purpose is to facilitate your gathering the appropriate data for the Admissions Portfolio.

Preparing Your Portfolio
The Admissions Advisor will:

  • Discuss your background and goals to determine if they relate to the degree of interest.
  • Confirm what documentation is needed for the Admissions Assessment.
  • Verify what you have submitted is complete and ready for assessment.
  • Present your portfolio to the Admissions Committee.
  • Assist you or your company representative with reimbursement questions.
  • Process your enrollment.

Submitting Your Application
Our admissions process is based upon mutual review. If it is jointly decided that this program meets your education needs, then we ask you to submit for consideration:

  • The completed Degree Program Application.
  • Documentation of college-level learning relevant to the curriculum for which you are applying (e.g. official transcripts, certificates, resume) which become your evaluation portfolio.
  • Admissions Essay
  • Supervisor’s Evaluation (optional)
  • A non-refundable application fee:
    • $75.00 U.S./Canadian Residents
    • $100.00 Non-U.S./Canadian Residents

Note: Applicants with foreign education records, degrees, and diplomas will be required to have a professional review and evaluation of their documents in terms of U.S. educational equivalences.